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□ Name: Jensen
□ Age: 24
□ Contact: AIM: Blazingchilipony Plurk: Blazeburn
□ Journal: Walking_horse_girl
□ Do you play anyone in Ariel?: none

→ IC
□ Name: Rayfell
□ Journal: not_heaves_eve
□ Series: Vassalord
□ Canon point: Right after she basically owns Barry and Rayflo went missing.
□ History:

Rayfell was built as a copy of Rayflo from one of his ribs as a twisted joke of the book of Genesis and Adam and Eve by the demon, Barry. Because she was modeled after Eve, Barry also gave Rayfell qualities of her. She is easily fooled and driven by shortsighted desires. Rayfell was basically cursed to forever be an abhorrent harlot; the sight of her losing control to desire thrilled Barry but shamed Rayflo.

After some time Rayflo was able to escape the demon while Rayfell was not so lucky. Staying with him a much longer amount of time, she was able to learn more things about Barry than it seemed Rayflo knew but she also seemed to develop a sort of soft spot for the demon. Much of her time with him is still surrounded by mystery since not much of her past has been revealed. Though it's clear she was able to escape him at one point and, like Johnny, she went through different aliases as time went on.

Though, in canon, when she first shows up she is thought to be Rayflo in an elaborate disguise, one that even fools Cherry and because of this fact she plays along and pretends to be her 'brother' in order to help with the case. During the investigation she kept up the disguise even after being falsely kidnapped. Only after they defeat the vampire and she steals Cherry's first kiss does he realize that it isn't his master, going so far as to scream it in her face.

Once Charley realizes it's not him, Rayflo shows up and they both have a moment of 'took you long enough' clearly getting a kick out of tricking the other for so long. Back at Rayflo's house it's also shown that little Cheryl, a girl who helped them out (that Rayflo thought was adorable) was actually with Rayfell. Being her master, Rayfell dotes on her much the same way that Rayflo would like to for Cherry, except for the fact that Cheryl is a little more accepting of her affections. Though, soon, Rayflo and Rayfell quickly begin to bicker about things in front of the two of them. After this initial encounter, Rayfell and Cheryl are not seen for quite a while.

During Rayflo and Cherry’s next investigation they run into Cheryl again. It's found out that Rayfell had been living with Cheryl for the most part until she was caught fooling around with other girls. After that she was kicked out and lived alone for a short time until Cheryl forgave her and allowed her to move back in; it is assumed from then out that they are living with one another.

Soon after, Rayfell helps Rayflo escape from Barry again and even goes as far as 'helping' Cherry, who Rayflo wants to protect from the incubus. While coming onto Cherry, the man says something that clearly strikes a nerve and then throws her from the room, which is when Cheryl finds her half dressed in the hallway; obviously busted, they return to their own home. There, Rayfell bares her insecurities to Cheryl. She begs Cheryl not to leave her and asks the girl to kill her and place her in the coffin, that she would behave and be quiet then. Rayfell hates herself for cheating on Cheryl but it's in her nature and she knows she has no control of this while she's alive. Cheryl doesn't do this but her hatred of Barry seems to grow for doing this to Rayfell.

Once again they go unseen for some time, until after Barry's powers are striped from him and Rayfell and Cheryl find him half the man he was before. Deciding this was to her advantage, Rayfell decides to help the used-up-demon but only does so when he agrees to be her servant and only listen to their commands. He agrees and she gives him small amounts of life force.

□ Personality:

The first thing that is known about Rayfell is the fact she is cursed. Cursed to be Eve, an abhorrent harlot, she has a hard time controlling herself or her desires and is easily lead astray. As loyal as she wishes she could truly be to Cheryl, she realizes that she will never be completely loyal or trustworthy and despite what she says or acts like on the outside, it does bother her. It hurt her deeply and she is constantly, in the back of her mind, hating the way she is.

Even despite hating herself for that fact, Rayfell projects a carefree personality and is a relentless flirt. Like her 'twin' Rayflo, she will flirt with most things that move. The fact her victims squirm or get embarrassed is just amusing to her; though if they flirt back she is more than will to go past just causal flirting, whether they are men or woman. Quite the smooth talker, Rayfell can get out of most trouble she gets herself into, even with Cheryl at times. With her charms and flirtations, she is easily viewed as a whore to some and that is just another part of her personal curse.

Getting along with most people she meets, she can have an almost ‘silver tongue’ in handling people or situations. However, one person she seems to not care to use her silver tongue on is Rayflo. They are quick to argue and she isn't above yelling or even punching the other; it's something that poor Cherry and Cheryl have witnessed more than once. They have a very 'special' relationship in more than one way. Literally a part of one another, they seem to hold a degree of annoyance for the other; though it's clear they do care for each other, even if they have funny ways of showing it. Rayflo and Rayfell can quickly switch from fighting and arguing one minute to touching and feeling each other the next, it's something that throws people off and confuses them greatly.

Even with her close connection with Rayflo, the person she admires and truly loves is Cheryl. Rayfell sees all of the purity and hope that she wishes she could possess in the girl and she considers Cheryl her angel. She would do anything to protect her and keep her from harm, though she knows she can never keep her from the harm of her own curse and she tries to distance herself to a degree to protect the pure girl's heart; though she truly wishes Cheryl can love her even with her harlot ways. It's something she reaches for but having Cheryl at her side and caring for her is enough to keep her going.

Rayfell knows the difference between right and wrong; her biggest issue is the fact that she can't control herself. Even if she knows doing something is wrong, if she gets the whim, she will still do it. Though one thing she won't do is feed from a human it's a trait she shares with Rayflo and even if she's a little weaker because of that she knows Cheryl would greatly frown upon it and she controls herself to not disappoint her. Along with this fact she doesn't like vampires that take human life with no remorse and will help Cheryl to get rid of them without hesitation.

Another thing that seems to be hard for Rayfell along with Rayflo to understand is the concept of personal space. Neither of them seem to even know there is a such thing as a personal bubble and they make an effort to pop any they do see up. They just don't care about it and don't know what is appropriate to do or not do with others. This can probably be accounted to the fact they have been alive for so long and they try to have what fun they can. It's something that people that get to know them have to learn and get used to.

□ Age: 500+
□ Gender: Female
□ Appearance:

Rayfell is a rather tall woman with a beautiful hour glass figure. She has dark brown, wavy hair that is down to about the middle of her back and with dark brown to almost black eyes, it's clear why she doesn't have a problem picking the interest of both genders. She has a full chest, though not huge, besides that she is rather muscular not super large muscles but toned. Besides all this she also has a lovely set of fangs between her lips that can pack quite a nice bite.

□ Abilities/Powers:

Since she is a part of Johnny it only makes since that they have near the same abilities.

Blood- Being a vampire it would easy for her to gain blood the old fashioned way of finding a victim and drinking from them, but since Cheryl would greatly frown on this. Rayfell only drinks non-living blood from blood packs and while it doesn't give her full strength it gives her more than enough to survive. As far as time between feeding she can go about 2-3 weeks before the hunger becomes uncontrollable and the urge becomes too much.

Entering- Like any true vampire Rayfell can't enter a room uninvited. Though this isn’t true for public buildings or abandoned places.

Three ways to die permanently- Rayfell can only be killed if she is stabbed through the heart (any weapon can do), hacking her head off, or, if she is hurt by holy/religious objects.

Garlic- Like Rayflo, Rayfell has a strong dislike for it but doesn't kill her but it does make her sick.

Sun exposure- Like most vampires the sun is extremely dangerous to Rayfell and being in direct exposer will cause her to turn to a pile of dust, however it is believed that like Johnny she can remain alive with a tiny bat inside of the ashes, and if placed in a cofin for 7 days and nights she will be able to be re-born, though this has not been completely proven in canon.

Smells- Rayfell has a strong sense of smell and he can tell with ease if someone is vampire or human and even more.

Flight- Like her 'rib twin' Rayfell can fly with the assistance of bats that appear around and from her body.

Other fact - Rayfell is a vampire, but she refuses to drink from people, choosing, instead, to drink ‘blood supplements’. If need arises though she will drink from a person, if the person insists or agrees, and if she is in a desperate enough situation.

□ Personal Items: Clothes on her back, a picture of Cheryl and that's about all for her.

□ First Person Sample:

[Having figured out how this video in the brain thing worked. Rayfell decides to give it a swing. In a mirror she looks at herself, yes she was a vampire but the mirror thing was just funny. Looking at herself she fixes her hair slightly before she smiles devilishly.]

Hello! I'm not sure who is going to see this but might as well be friendly.

[She unbuttons another button from her top before she stretches with her free arm above her head then back down. There is clearly no shame to this woman...there is barely even much concern.]

I'm Rayfell and I wonder how many of you are upset over the 'sex' thing?

[The idea of it is hilarious to the vampire. Sex was fun so she wants to see who might be a prude and who was fun.]

If it does bother you...I wonder why? Shoot me a message to let me know thanks.

[With that the feed cuts as she waves bye.]

□ Third Person Sample:

Rayfell tapped on the arm of the chair in time with the second hand of the clock on the wall. She heard what the man before her said but she really could give a shit less about it. It all just equaled the same thing. Blah blah, kidnapped...blah blah, not allowed to leave...blah blah blah... It was something she had not expected but she wouldn't freak out about it. Instead she kept her eye between the clock and then back to the man. One thing she did think of over time was Cheryl. There was a ting of worry that she might be here and if that was the case she might hurt the man seated before her. Until she could confirm that she would just enjoy the ride.

Once she was allowed to leave she gave him a cheerful smile and spoke. "Thanks for letting me know I'm probably more crazy than I thought I was." She then darted out the door and down the hall. She wanted to ask around for more information, which caused her to rush out the open door without thought only to be greeted by a blinding light as the sun touched her skin. With a quick yelp she plastered herself against the wall and the small shed of shade as she looked to her arm.

No burn? Odd...

Almost comically she began to put her arm out and then yank it back...put out and pull it back. To on lookers it might have seemed like a bizarre version of the hooky poky dance. Still no matter how many times she did it the result was the same. No burn and no pain. That caused the weird level to skyrocket for her. Not only had they kidnapped a vampire but they also took away her problem with sunlight. Impressive.

A huge grin graced her face as she looked up and then jumped into the sunlight. It was warm. She had never been human so she only knew of it's warmth with the aid of multiple layers of clothes. But it was completely different on skin. Letting out a content sigh she moved to pull her top down further only to show more of her cleavage and almost the glimpse of a nipple. Before she stretched her arms and fell back and onto the ground. She would stay here for a bit, until she was forced to move. This was all odd but why not enjoy it?


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